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“As a lawyer, what’s inspiring to me is that it takes people and real stories to give purpose to the law. It gives me meaning. At the end of the day, it’s all I want to do.” – Michael Gonzalez

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Settling Claims

Had a lot of questions from friends as to whether they should settle the insurance claim themselves without a lawyer. I would recommend against that. There’s some real misconceptions about the role of an insurance company. They’re not your friends. If you have an adverse ...

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Notary Public

In law school I studied international law and got to understand the nuances, the differences in various legal systems. And that becomes really important. For example, a notary on Nvidia in Mexico is a license to attorney. And that doesn’t communicate too well in the United ...

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Felony DWI Recall

Once I had a client who had a felony DWI that was found in a ditch. So I did the best DWI I could. In fact, somebody came forward and claimed that they were the drivers. Trial was a risky thing so she didn’t decided to go to trial against my urging. Sometimes clients’ best ...

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Cost of An Attorney

A lot of people might be wondering whether they have the money to afford an attorney. Now, I personally offer payment plans and there’s methods of dealing with these issues. But what people should be thinking about, I think is can they afford not to have an attorney because ...

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Cops Entering Home

If a cop shows up at your door, first thing you need to ask is whether he has a warrant. If he does not have a warrant, you have a right to not let him in the door. Cops, usually are a little aggressive and the first thing they’ll ask is if they can come […]

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"I thought that it may be time for people to have an opportunity to talk to a lawyer who will give them an honest assessment and who will look for remedies under the law and not above it."