Personal Injury

You want somebody who understands.

I used to work for a big personal injury attorney in Corpus Christi, and he was the guy with commercials and billboards. But unfortunately, he was only handling some of the biggest cases. He was the face for what a team of younger attorneys would produce. He was the face of that, and he was hard to reach. During that time, I learned about settling insurance claims, getting people into rental cars, making sure that they get to the right doctors during a time when they’re in pain, and they’ve got to keep going.

There are characters in the law today, one-dimensional, problem solving beasts. And I think that we’re all tired of that, and it doesn’t communicate what’s important. What’s important is more than the technicality of the law. You want somebody who understands what you’re going through.

What is important to me, and important if I represent you for a personal injury case, is that you have access to your attorney, because I think that is the number one concern in this area of law. It’s part of my process to give you my cellphone number. I’ll be available to talk to your doctors, make sure that your employer understands the severity of an accident.

That’s why I practice personal injury. To give people an alternative to the characters lawyers have become in this particular area of law.



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