Administrative Law

Making sure the truth comes out.

A license is a really important thing in the state of Texas. When the state bar or the boards that regulate the practice of a given area, a given profession, come after you, it could be very daunting.

I had a client, he was practicing dentistry for, at the time, 60 plus years. A procedure went wrong. There was a complaint to the board. And the board came back with all the resources available to a Texas agency and wanted to slam him for things that just weren’t true. So we took that case to an administrative hearing and due to lack of diligence by the state agency and the time frame– really that was the winner– the time frame that the board took to bring these allegations, we won that case.

It was in an administrative law hearing, but it meant a lot to him because he took a lot of pride in his profession and the years of service that he’s done and he wasn’t going to have that notch on his record. We were able to make sure that the truth came out that he is a diligent professional, and his record is still intact.



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