Had a lot of questions from friends as to whether they should settle the insurance claim themselves without a lawyer. I would recommend against that. There’s some real misconceptions about the role of an insurance company. They’re not your friends. If you have an adverse claim against them or they’re insured, they’re insurance policy. They’re not there to really help you as much as you would assume. You have to remember that these insurance companies are large corporations. They are trained to settle claims at the least possible settlement they can. A lot of people are okay with just getting the damage to their vehicle fixed. That’s just not acceptable. If you have a lawyer, make sure that you get your medical bills covered because the effects of a car crash usually come in later. We make sure that you start treating for those medical issues as soon as you hire us. We work of a contingency-fee basis. So we won’t get paid unless we settle it and we have some money for you. Those are just a few warnings about insurance companies, corporations, and how you should probably consult a lawyer and don’t try and take on those corporations alone.