If a cop shows up at your door, first thing you need to ask is whether he has a warrant. If he does not have a warrant, you have a right to not let him in the door. Cops, usually are a little aggressive and the first thing they’ll ask is if they can come in. You wanna say nicely, “No officer. Let’s talk outside.” And I would walk outside, close the door, and have a conversation about why they’ve shown up. Usually, it will be a noise complaint to maybe a neighbor called up. But that would be my advice on this topic. There’s been a recent development in the law on this point. The Supreme Court took up the issue as to disagreeing co-tenants in an abode. The situation goes where one tenant says, “No, you cannot come in without a warrant.” And the other tenant says, “Sure, yes.” The Supreme Court decided, unfortunately, that the tenant that allows consent can be respected and so the officer can come in. That can lead to some trouble because anything that the officer sees in plain view when he walks into your home is seizable and can lead to criminal charges.