The cop will ask you to take a breath specimen right then and there. The result of that little machine is inadmissible in a court of law, which means they can’t use it. They’re using it to build probable cause to arrest you but that’s inadmissible when we get to court. The breath sample that we’re talking about is actually from the Intoxilyzer test. The Intoxilyzer test will be administered when you arrive at the jail. And you have a right to deny that breath test. There’s consequences because in the State of Texas, we all consent generally, we consent that when we’re driving a car, we’re not intoxicated. There’s consequences to not taking the Intoxilyzer test and that’s you lose your license. However, if you come to me, we can quickly get you what we can occupational license, so you can drive through work and meet your basic needs. And that serves as an alternative during the suspended period of time.