In the state of Texas, you have a Class A, Class B, and Class C misdemeanor. It’s unlike grade school. You want to get the C, you don’t want to get the A. Because a C entails– well the range of punishment for a Class C misdemeanor is up to a $500 fine, no jail time.

Class B misdemeanor, there is jail time. The range can be nothing to 180 days, and $2,000 fine. That’s for a Class B.

For a Class A, you’re looking up to a year in jail and $4,000 fine. So is it important to seek representation? I believe it is. If any time there’s jail as a consequence, I think you want to be represented by a person who knows what they’re doing. And when it comes down to the Class C tickets, there’s options, so it doesn’t go on your record and effect your insurance policy. Or eventually you could even lose your license, if you have too many of these Class C. We’re talking about traffic tickets, with those.

I handle all three types of misdemeanors. I would like to talk to you further, if you’re seeking representation on any of those.