My process is quite simple. I’ll ask you to come down to my office immediately. There are real consequences for not showing up to these hearings. If it’s a criminal case, an arrest warrant, a bench warrant will be sent out. And it could be a month or two down the road, you get stopped for a traffic ticket, and all of a sudden you’re spending time in jail and you need a bond.

So it’s of high importance to show up to these hearings. My process again, I’ll bring you to my office, we’ll talk about your case. I’ll look up the case with the county clerks or the district clerks, and verify if the hearing is an arraignment or if it’s a bond forfeiture. We’ll figure out exactly where you are along the process. And once we get everything verified, we’ll begin your defense.

We’ll begin what it is we need to do, depending on the type of case you’re ordered to go to court on.